It’s June 1919 and after seven months of internment in Scapa Flow in the Orkney Isles, the German Grand Fleet was scuttled by the skeleton crews left on board. They fear that that boats would be turned over to the British. Owing to very slow communications on how the treaty of Versailles was progressing the Germans did not know that the fleet was safe. So on the 21st June Admiral Von Reuter ordered the fleet to be scuttled. Fortunately for the Germans the bulk of them British fleet was out on exercise. Whilst some shops where saved by running aground, the majority sank. Most of these where subsequently raised and salvaged by a company called Cox and Danks, but seven major ships are still underwater visited now by curious divers.

In commemoration of this event we present to you a new beer called Scuttled.

Brewed with pale malt and a hint of pale Crystal it is hopped with a blend of British and German hops and just a hint of American it is a 4.3 %ABV IPA style beer. Golden in colour, with a pronounce hoppy flavour and character.

A fabulous group of ships to dive, we hope that this beer helps to commemorate the events of that day a hundred years ago.